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The struggle to bring about merger will continue, even after the setback two years ago, but no matter where the future of our union takes us the basics remain the same. We in the United Action Caucus pledge to continue to fight for those issues we see as in the best interest of public education:

  • Full Funding for Public Education. If the government can spend $250 billion dollars over the next 10 years to expand NATO it must be made to invest whatever and however much it takes over the same period for our children's education.

  • Full Employment at Union Wages. Impoverished neighborhoods contribute to impoverished schools. We must insist that companies stay put and invest in America, not in cheap labor overseas.

  • Affirmative Action. We believe that Affirmative Action is not "reverse racism," but the "reversal of racism." Our merged union must continue to fight for diversity and inclusion.

  • Full Health Coverage for All Americans. For many of our students, the school nurse is the only health care professional they ever see. If full medical coverage for life is good enough for members ofCongress it is certainly good enough for all Americans.

  • Support for the AFL-CIO's Unionization Drive. The tremendous move forward by our national labor organization to "organize the unorganized" is of great importance to teachers and other workers. Teachers must be in the forefront of this effort.

  • Stop Privatization. Most of the constant attacks on public education are led by those who would like to see greatly reduced public confidence in our schools. This weakening of support could lead to "reform" and "solutions" that bring about corporate profiteering and privatization. We must keep the "public" in public education.